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Player Development Programs

Ed Harris, PGA
Play with confidence!

Player Development lesson plans are designed to teach the student of any level everything needed to play golf with skill and cofidence. There are two plans to choose from.

Lesson Plan 1
Includes 5 Private one hour lessons covering putting, chipping, pitching, iron play, fairway metals and driver. Also includes one (1) 9 hole playing lessons covering rules and regulations, course ettiquette, course management, shot and club selection. All this for only $395.

Lesson Plan 2
Includes 10 Private one hour golf lessons and covers putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers, irons and hybrids, fairway metals and driver. Also includes a professional swing and equipment evaluation as well as two (2) 9 hole playing lessons that cover shot and club selection, uneven lies, adverse conditions, course management, course ettiquette, rules and regulations. A great value at only $699

Player Development Lesson Plans